My research interests are expansive, but always rooted in security technology. On this page you will find different projects, papers, talks, and workshops. I will continue adding to this page until I have a solid representation of everything I study.
The Origins of the Lock
Back in 2010 I was given the opportunity to write a brief overview of the history of locks. As I began to write the introduction, I asked myself "how do I know what I know" and three years later I had published a new theory for the origin of the lock...and never actually wrote that original overview.

Check out: the paper
Watch: the talk

The talk covers more of the initial research process than the paper does.

The US Patent Office fire of 1836 robbed us of some of the earliest artifacts of our industrial heritage. The security-related patents include the first modern pin tumbler lock, clever combination locks, & locking filing cabinets.

In 2013 I started a public research project to investigate the "x-locks" (patents lost prior to 1836 have an "X" designation with the USPTO). While the ultimate goal of the project is to restore the patent record, I also focus on the biographies of the inventors.

Watch: the talk that launched the project.
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