Schuyler Towne
Anthropologist of Security Technologies

Who's this guy?
Hi, I'm Schuyler!

I study the history and anthropology of security technologies. I have done a lot of different work under that umbrella. I have presented talks and workshops for the security teams at Netflix and Facebook, taught lock forensics, published a new theory for the origin of the key based lock, consulted for TV producers and authors, and much more. You can find a lot of this work here in my research section. While I dabble all over, my major periods of research are Antiquity (Mesopotamia/Egypt), 1770-1860 in the UK & USA, and design trends in the the mid-20th century. My anthropological interests relate primarily to human engagement with security technologies, which turns out to be a pretty big niche when you consider the ubiquity of those technologies throughout nearly all of human history.

So! What are you doing here? Let me know! Send me an email! I love to talk locks and I am often available for consultation or collaboration. I will be slowly adding content to this site, starting with the Research Section.
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